Sarah Maestas Barnes Better Schools NM th

Sarah is a graduate of New Mexico’s public school system and became the first in her family to earn a college degree.  She has seen firsthand the struggles many New Mexican children face today.  As a product of public education and now as a mother of two young children, it is a top priority for Sarah to improve our public school system.  As your State Representative, Sarah has fought for better schools by providing teachers with more resources in the classroom and by supporting policies to ensure our children can read. She wants to make sure that every child is adequately prepared to enter college or the work force when they graduate from high school.  Sarah has also been a strong supporter and advocate for early childhood education and has been a champion for increased funding as a legislator.




Sarah and her family are small business owners, employing over 50 New Mexicans.   She has personally witnessed the difficulties small businesses face in New Mexico and she wants to ensure every small business has an opportunity to grow, prosper and create more jobs.  As your State Representative, Sarah has supported incentives to attract new industries that will bring high paying jobs to our state.  She has supported additional investment in the Jobs Training Incentive Program and sponsored legislation to provide tax incentives for small business owners. Sarah has and will continue to fight to make New Mexico a more business friendly state, so New Mexicans can have better jobs and a better economy



Sarah’s parents raised her with traditional New Mexican values of hard work, honesty, respect and integrity.   She has taken those values with her to the Legislature where she has fought to end corruption, fraud, pay to play deals and abuse that has existed in New Mexico for too long.  As your State Representative, Sarah co-sponsored a bill to create an Independent Ethics Commission, supported the archiving of legislative webcasts and was appointed to serve on House Special Investigatory Committee to look into the impeachment of the Former Secretary of State.  Sarah will continue to fight for true ethics reform, transparency in government and work to restore the public trust, which will create a better New Mexico for our families and future generations.




healthcareSarah is an attorney advocate for children and adults with mental and physical disabilities.  She has seen the struggles many New Mexicans face in accessing quality health care, especially those with mental illness. She believes New Mexico needs to do a better job in providing greater access to behavioral health providers and will work to address this shortfall.  As your State Representative, Sarah has supported initiatives that provide services to those with disabilities. She has also supported programs geared to keep our skilled medical providers in New Mexico, like UNM’s BA/MD Degree Program, which was designed to educate New Mexican students who are committed to practicing medicine in communities throughout the state.



Public SafetyProtecting the people of New Mexico and providing a safe community for us to raise our families is another top priority for Sarah. As your State Representative, Sarah has sponsored and supported numerous pieces of legislation aimed at strengthening our state police force, increasing criminal penalties for crimes against children, and keeping violent criminals in jail and off our streets. Sarah specifically passed legislation that increases penalties for repeat drunk drivers, those who commit vehicular homicide while under the influence, and those who possess, distribute and/or manufacture child pornography.  Sarah also passed legislation to expand the state’s amber alert system, which requires alerts be sent via text message.  The expansion allows authorities to better disseminate – to a widespread audience in a timely manner – information about abducted children.  Sarah is committed to continuing to work across the aisle to make New Mexico a safer place to live, work and raise a family.